Site Map and Time Table

Board 1

across the water

Board 2

into the ground

Board 3

against the sky

Board 4

to be held

Board 5


Board 6


Board 7


Board 8

to be played


Feb 28th 2017, 6 p.m.

Opening Reception at the Crossing in CSM, Granary Square, King‘s Cross


March 1st to 8th

Almut Rink working at a different Assemblage Board every day.


March 1st to 8th

Ursula Reisenberger walking through the series of installations.

Start: by the clock outside King’s Cross Station; watch out for the red flag.
End: Crossing at Central Saint Martins.

After the walk, there will be a possibility for tea and further conversation
around the Red Boxes.

Starting Times

Wed, March 1st / 15.30 hours
Thu, March 2nd / 07.00 hours
Fri, March 3rd / 13.30 hours
Sat, March 4th / 17.30 hours
Sun, March 5th / 12.00 hours
Mon, March 6th / 22.00 hours
Tue, March 7th / 17.00 hours
Wed, March 8th / 06.00 hours


Please sign up for the walks at The
number of participants is limited. As we will be walking approx. 1½ miles and
weather may be chilly, please wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

For further information please visit
or the Red Boxes in the Crossing.