Boards and Walks

Eight Assemblage Boards will be placed in and around King’s Cross. From March 1st through March 8th, visual artist Almut Rink will be working at and around them, one day at each one respectively, assemble material and immaterial outcome of the process and document it as she has already done in Japan.

During the same period, context-based theatre director Ursula Reisenberger will lead a series of performative walks, passing by all the locations. The walks will be an opportunity to interact with the Boards, the city and each other. Starting at different hours every day, each walk will provide a different experience. At one moment of the day, the artist working at the Board and the participants of the walk will converge.

The Crossing at CSM will house a display for the presence of the project in Japan: 8 Red Boxes, large-sized replica of a smaller Red Box that has acted as a three-dimensional log-book in Japan, will contain material from the artists’ work there. Furthermore, a series of floor drawings will represent the vantage points where the Boards have been placed in public space in and around King’s Cross. In an opening performance, the path between them will be laid out for the first time.

On March 9th, the artists will present “Orientation as Gardening”, its work process and theoretical framework, and summarize their London experience in a lecture at CSM followed by a closing performance in the Crossing.